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Village of Momina curkva

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The village of Momina curkva hides in the folds of Strandzha Mountain, eight km away from the border between Bulgaria and Turkey.
Momina curkva is one of the numerous Strandzha villages that you have probably never heard of. Yet, if you want to explore the true mysticism of this Bulgarian region make sure to visit it. The village has long history dating back to 1618.
The village is located 30 km from the town of Sredets / which is the centre of Sredec municipality / and just 65 km from the seaside and the town of Burgas. The most preffered Bulgarian resorts - Nesebar and Sunny Beach are situated 74 km away from Momina curkva and the capital Sofia is set 429 km from the village.


The area is perfect if you are looking for peaceful vacation among the nature and the Strandzha style. The region benefirs with excellent tourism opportunities - Strandzha mountain is a restricted area because it kept many animal and plant species included in the Bulgarian Red book with protected species. If you a fan of the fishing, the dam lakes in the village and  in the town of Sredets provides it. There are many ancient villages found in the area, muzeums and monuments which you should visit while staying in Momina curkva.


One of the village’s biggest landmarks is the St. Paraskeva church. This is the sole cathedral preserved in the western part of Strandzha. The church features the unique architecture style of the Tryavna school. It preserves valuable wall paintings and a richly decorated iconostasis.
While walking in Momina curkva, you will learn about the village’s traditions and local craftsmen will show you how to make belts, bracelets and necklaces.


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