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Chernomorets is a little quiet Black Sea resort, beautifully situated at the Bulgarian southern seaside. It is artistically spotted on the lovely peninsula, in the bay of Bourgas, in an inlet between the Akra and Talasakra capes.
The town is located just 23 km south from Bourgas, and 8 km away from the famous ancient old town of Sozopol and Duni resort. One admirable local trait is the abundance of shrubbery and flowers attached to most houses, restaurants and cafes.
It has rich history, dating back to ancient times, when Chernomorets used to be called St. Nicola.

summer in chernomorets

The sea resort has four nice sandy beaches, each of them charming and specific for its own characteristics. If you want to escape from the crowded beaches, you will be definitely satisfied with the clean and peaceful beaches of Chernomorets. If you are the adventurous type of person, you will not be disappointed either, because Chernomorets is the perfect place for surfing and other water sports. The unique King’s Beach, which spreads out to the south is suitable for water- skiing, fishing, water- jumping, sea trips, and even nudism.
From May till September the average temperature of the water is about 22 degrees Celsius, which makes it good for bathing until late October. At the same time the summer heat is easily endured, because of the fresh sea breeze.

In close vicinity to the town, Gradina (The Garden), Zlatna Ribka (The Golden Fish) and Chernomorets camping sites are situated. The beaches are well hidden from the wind between rocky ravine, overgrown with nice bushes and young trees. All of the beaches are suitable for bathing, sun- bathing, and offer a lot of fun and entertainment.


The town's remarkable growth in recent years has been accompanied by a sizeable expansion of tourist services, including restaurant ones. In fact, some of the town's pubs and small restaurants are much cheaper though nothing worse in terms of quality if compared to their peers in the much more popular Sozopol. One admirable local trait is the abundance of shrubbery and flowers attached to most houses, restaurants and cafes.

Places of Interest

Besides an old church in the town, one can enjoy the view of marvelous rock juts outside Chernomoretz in northern direction. The south is bordered by a river and canes of human size. Further down the coastline, one can visit the picturesque and ancient town of Sozopol, where more than 45 old houses are declared cultural monuments.

About 30km to the south is the Ropotamo reserve covering a territory of 1000 hectares on the two banks of the Ropotamo River. T he splendid dense forest and the water-lilies make it a magnificent spot. The dense forest impresses with its overgrowth. Ropotamo is formed by two rivulets - Rosenska and Tserovska, rising from the Strandja Mountain, and having total length of 50 km. In its upper stream the river is freshwater but some km downstream becomes salted. Ropotamo’s banks are really picturesque –the steep sides are wreathed with overgrowth and from beneath it appear lonely rocks. The most whimsical rock is called "The lion’s head". Tall elms, oaks, sycamores and other trees incline branches over the water. Virgin’s bower and ivy creep on them, bearing a resemblance to an equatorial forest. The river is rich in fish species -chub, goby, barbell, carp, etc. In the park live also deers, does, rare birds, etc.
Visiting the reserve of Ropotamo, tourists enjoy the pure and untouched nature.


Private route taxis and minibuses depart at regular intervals from Bourgas (24 km away) and stop at Chernomoretz on their way to Sozopol.


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