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Town of Kableshkovo

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Kableshkovo is a town in southeast Bulgaria and is part of the municipality of Pomorie, Burgas Province.

There are two other places in Bulgaria which have the same name - in Tervel municipality, Dobrich region and Chernoochene municipality, Kardzhali region.


The town is located 16 kilometers north of the town of Pomorie, 23 km northeast from the city of Burgas, 14 km west of Nessebar, 96 km west of Varna and 442 km east of the capital - Sofia.


Until 1934, the village was called Dautlii. It became a city in 1969. Kableshkovo is a home to many immigrants from Aegean Macedonia and Thrace as well as Erkech (today Kozichino). It is known for its active anti-fascist activities during the Second World War. It is the birthplace of the famous poet-partisan Atanas Manchev (1921-1944), and a whole host guerrillas.


In Kableshkovo a town hall, a library, primary school, stadium, kindergarten, medical center, pharmacy, grocery store, hotel. The nearest hospitals and schools are located in the city of Burgas.

Access to the city is done on an asphalt road. Regular bus service connects with Kableshkovo Pomorie, Burgas and surrounding villages.

Economy and Development

In Kableshkovo is developed the wine tourism. In the winery are merged into one elements of traditional Bulgarian architecture, medieval crafts, original cuisine, exclusive folklore spectacles, and of course, excellent wine.

The city is building a farm growing wheat and corn and produce grain and flour.

The city has a laundromat, companies manufacturing, sales and installation of windows, factory technical carbon for all types of motors, shop for furniture, workshop producing shit.


Kableshkovo is known for his "Thursday - market", which is held every Thursday of the widest street in town. In the summer market is visited by many foreign tourists.

Celebrations day Kableshkovo be opened on September 22 - Independence Day of Bulgaria.

Landmarks and tourism

Kableshkovo boasts beautiful scenery and proximity to the sea. The place is historic. Here is a hill and locality Sivri Bieber tops with big and small Biber Biber, where Simeon observes and leads Akheloy battle of August 20 917 peaks Today is a beautiful view to the Sunny Beach, Nessebar, Pomorie, Aheloy all the way to Burgas, Chernomorets and Sozopol.

The location is particularly favorable for the development of para-and hang gliding and is preferred by national clubs of extreme sports. Hence passing bird migration route Via Pontica Rare species of flora and fauna.

Near Kableshkovo Trayanovo dams are located, Mandra and Aheloy and Burgas and Atanasovsko lakes suitable for fishing.

About 20 kilometers east of the village, near Aheloy built beautiful holiday resorts that allow for recreation.

At about 27 km southwest of Kableshkovo in Vetren, are Burgas Mineral Baths where it has opened spas, known for its healing properties since ancient times. There are sanatoriums and rest homes.

In Burgas can visit Sea Garden City Gallery, Burgas Opera, Puppet Theater and many others.

Nessebar is a real historical treasure in Bulgaria. In 1956 it was declared a museum city - archaeological and architectural reserve. Beautiful historic ambiance is a prerequisite for an unforgettable vacation.

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