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village of Tranak

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Tranak is a village in Southeast Bulgaria. It is situated in Ruen municipality, Burgas region.

The village of Tranak is about 29 km from the village of Ruen, 67 km northwest of the town of Burgas and 9 km from the village of Struya.

The climate is transitional-continental, the winter is considerably mild for the proximity to the sea, the spring is cool, the summer is hot with lots of sunny days, the fall is long and warm. The altitude is about 200 m.

The permanent population is about 1246 m.

Regular bus transportation connects it to the other settlements.

Tranak is well maintained village with electricity and water systems. The local people can take advantage of the town hall, the working school, stores, coffee shop, pub and post office. For the health of the local people takes care one GP and medical center is functioning on the territory of the municipality.

In proximity to the village is located Tsonevo dam that is suitable for fishing.

Since the 18-th century from there passes the main road from North Bulgaria to Tsarigrad. Still here can be seen remains from towers that secured the passing of the caravans.

The ancient and medieval fortress Kaleto is situated about a kilometer north of the center of Tranak and on a rock peak above the left bank of Kodzha dere river.

The walls of the fortress are like banks, they are 6-7 m wide and up to 4 km high, there are some places with inner and outer overlooking facades. The wall is 2-4 m thick. In the fortress was found ceramics from the IV-VII century. In south direction from the village there is old road through Luda Kamchiya river for the Snyagovo fortress.

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