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village of Tserkovski

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Tserkovski is a village in Southeast Bulgaria. It is situated in Karnobat municipality, Burgas region.

It is 14 km southwest of the town of Karnobat, 62 km northwest of the town of Burgas, 40 km southeast of the town of Sungurlare, 5 km west of the village of Krumovo gradishte and 365 km east of the town of Sofia.

To the village of Tserkovski there is regular bus transportation to the town of Karnobat. The access to it is very convenient to and from Burgas, as well as Trakiya highway is just 9 km east.

The village is on 169 m altitude.

The climate is temperate and is characterized with mild winter and considerably hot summer. There is lots of precipitation in the fall and the spring.

The population of Tserkovski is about 200 people and in it are included a couple of English families.

In September 2001 in the village was found factory of Vin S Industries Ltd that is one of the modernest refinery distillates and grain alcohol not only in Bulgaria but in the Balkans.

Tserkovski is with constructed water and electricity systems and there is coverage of all mobile operators. There also is working town hall, church "St Vaznesenie Gospodne', community center and store. The nearest kindergarten and schools are in the municipality. Again in the town of Karnobat is the Vocational school of farming and light industry.

The care for the health of the population is taken from the GPs and the dentists in the town of Karnobat. Again there you can find also specialized medical assistance in the hospital for active treatment.


The village dates back to 1860. The first people that settled here were from ten families that used to work for the Turkish bay. After the Balcan war and the First World War there settled also many Bulgarian refugees from Odrin Thracian region. In in the years before 1960 its name was Bukurdhzalii (1934), Virovo (1934-1954), Tsanko Tserkkovski (1954-1960).


  • The Medieval fortress Markeli that is situated 3 km north of the neighboring village of Krumovo gradishte. It is one of the most famous fortresses in the Bulgarian history as it safeguarded the Varbishki and Rishki passages.
  • The temple "St Archangel Michael" and the Museum for winery and wine yards in the town of Sungurlare. The area is famous for its traditions in the wine producing.
  • The church St Yoan Bogoslov in the town of Karnobat. It is constructed on the place of the old church in the center of the Karnobat in the Renaissance. It impresses with the original architectural elements and its wooden iconostasis  - one of the masterpieces of craftsmen of the Debar School.
  • The Clock Tower in the old (south) part of Karnobat. It was built by Tryavna masters in 1841 as a symbol of urban renaissance prosperous trade and crafts area.
  • The old city museum of Karnobat where there is valuable archaeological and ethnographic collection.   


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