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village Kamenar

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Kamenar is a village in southeastern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Pomorie, District Burgas. 


The territory of Bulgaria has 3 villages with the name "Kamenar - in Burgas, Varna and Razgrad region. 


The village is located 16 km northeast of Bourgas, 10 km from Sarafovo airport, 9 km northwest of Pomorie, 10 km southwest of Ravda and 13 km southwest of Nessebar


The terrain in the area is flat with an altitude of 5 m. The climate is continental Mediterranean characterized by hot dry summers with average July temperatures of 24 ° C, a mild winter, snow rarely formed, the average January temperature is about 1.8 ° C. The region is rich in groundwater, and river Aheloy passes a few kilometers from the village. Here is a fountain, known locally by the extraordinary taste of mineral water. 


The population is about 360 inhabitants.

The village has electricity and water supply, there is regular transportation to both cities in the area and to nearby villages. In Kamenar European time passes - E87, connecting Northern and Southern Bulgaria. 
The village has a telephone exchange, cable TV, coverage of all mobile operators. Top - nearby medical office and school in Aheloy, just 7 km from Kamenar. 

Many foreign citizens have chosen to purchase property, as well as a lot of Bulgarians, because of the favorable location of the village - near the southern beach resorts while away from the hustle of big cities.


Cultural attractions and tourism 


Roman road "Via Pontica" - opened in the village of Aheloy, connecting ancient towns and Messembria Anhialo. 

Roman fortress "Chim" - is located near the Wastewater Treatment Plant - Aheloy to the river bridge. 

Nessebar fascinates visitors with its amazing variety of historic attractions. The ancient city with rich history is listed as a World Heritage Site. You can see the old fortress walls from the Roman era and Middle Ages, Byzantine and Old Bulgarian churches, ancient houses from XVIII and XIX century, and many churches from different eras. 

Town of Pomorie is considered the largest mud resort in Bulgaria. There are precious mud lake - lagoon and pan for the extraction of sea salt and therapeutic agent solution. It is a fact that Pomorie curative mud, extracted from the salty lake, is among the best in the world. 


In Kamenar able to practice different types of tourism, sports and activities for leisure. Some of them are: 

  • Fishing 

The area is suitable for freshwater fishing along the River Aheloy and the Sea - Black Sea. 

  • Golf 

Golf course "Black Sea Golf and Country Club", located in Kableshkovo, just 3 km from Kamenar. 

  • Beach

The nearest beach to the village is that of Aheloy camping site. The beach is 10 km. and reached the municipal center of Pomorie is suitable for people seeking a relaxing holiday on the beach. Holidaymakers can make use of water sports such as pedal boats, sailing, wind and engine jets. 

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