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Къща, ГЪРЦИЯ, с. Теологос, остров Тасос, 144 кв. м,
€ 160 000

€ 1 111 на кв. м


Площ:  144 кв. м

Вид строителство: ПК

Етап на строителство: разрешение за ползване (Акт 16)

Отопление: ТЕЦ

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On Thassos, the beautiful island in the Aegean Sea and with a view to the breathtaking Thassos mountains in the mountain village of Theologos and 10 minutes to the most wonderful beaches on Thassos, is our fully modernized house on the altitude of 300 meters next to the higher mountains for sale.

The house is 144 sqms in two floors surrounded by a beautiful garden of 650 sqms with irrigation/watering system and a small pond keeping the trees and flowers so fantastic, that the pictures only gives a hint of the beautifulness of flowers and plants.

A Kaliva/guesthouse of 24 sqms separate and next to own toilet and bath.

In total 5 rooms with 6 beds and 3 bathrooms and one extra shower outside.

Equipped to stay all year round, with solarpanels, electrical heaters, oilburner and ofcourse with parabols to receive almost all the satelites you need. Fast Internet connection.

Beside is a second plot of 560 sqms with a small guesthouse 12 sqms flowers and trees and plants as beautilful as the first one. A bigger pond is in the middle with searoses and other kinds of water vegetation (see pictures).

A rich variety of grapes and other sorts of fruit, are available over the season.

The mountain village of Theologos has several small supermarkets, a number of good tavernas, cafes, postoffice, hairdresser, bakery with very old bakery tradition and a number of historical sites.

The possibilities of hiking for instance to the higher mountain village of Kastro and other sites plus the mountain Ipsarion, 1206 m., are endless and breathtaking.

The tourism in the high season is concentrated to the beaches and the villages along the sea and is modest in Theologos.

Price for this beautiful and modernized house of 144 sqms plus a guesthouse (kaliva) of 24 sqms and 3 bathrooms and toilets is euro 120.000

The second plot/garden 560 sqm with a stone wall around and small guest house costs euro 40.000. (Sales object!)

We prefer to sell the property as one at a total price of euro 160.000

More about Thassos: www.thassos-island.org
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