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village of Tazha

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Tazhaa is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Pavel Banya, Stara Zagora Region.

Tazha village is located 2 km north of the main road Sofia - Burgas, 14.7 km northwest of Pavel Banya, 63 km northwest of the district town of Stara Zagora and 168 km east of Sofia.

Tazha is situated at an altitude of 496 m, the population is about 1541 inhabitants.

The eponymous station / the sub-Balkan railway line / is located 1.5 km west of the village. To Tazha has regular bus transport from Pavel Banya and Kazanlak.

Through Tazha flows and the eponymous river, which is the largest left tributary of the river Tundzhaa. Located between the Balkan /Stara planina mountain/ and  Sredna gora mountain the village with warm summers and moderately cold winters. The average temperature in January is about minus 1 degree, and in July about 22 degrees.

In Tazha operate an elementary school, a kindergarten and community center "Boris Berov". The village has a lot of shops, several guest houses and taverns offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine

Natural attractions

In Tazha is located in one of the offices of the Department of National Park "Central Balkan" as the village is a starting point for the most attractive part of the southeast section of the park. From here begins a beautiful gorge, forming the south branches of the natural reserve "Djendema" a comfortable mountain trails and go to another nature reserve - "Sokolna" and hut Sokolna.

Not far from the village can be seen and two landmarks - the waterfalls: Praskaloto and Tarnichensko waterfall.

From Tazha start the most direct trails to the peaks Triglav and Mazalat and the trail "Babsko praskalo "that leads south of Triglav Massif to the unique Tuzha Gorge.

25 km north of the village is the Chalet Tazha, from which one of the most popular tourist routes for climbing the  Botev Peak.

Interesting places in the village

Historical Museum
Except as a "gateway" to Central Balkan, Tazha is very colorful village. In the village, there is arranged local history museum with interesting archaeological and ethnographic collections. In the old Revival house even has launched a permanent exhibition gallery of paintings for Tazha and small sculptures by local artists.

Art Gallery Studio
The biggest attraction, however, a house of Dimitar Manolov - a restored Revival house, turned into art gallery with a studio where self-taught artist deals with modern painted wood plastic.

Because of the incredible scenery, beautiful pools around the river Tazha and convenient paths to them, the village is visited by an increasing number of tourists. Recently developed and tend to buy properties from people who seek peace in the cool of ecologically clean region with a unique air and plenty of cold  Balkan water.

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