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Village of Dalboki

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Dalboki is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Stara Zagora Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

It is about 17 km northeast from the city of Stara Zagora, about 23 km west from the town of Nova Zagora, some 164 km west from the city of Burgas and about 265 southeast from the city of Sofia.

Its population is around 1460 people.

Dalboki is located on the southern slope of the Central forest three kilometers north of the road Sofia - Burgas. Through the village runs a small river, and around it there are several mountain rivers - Kaposhnitsa, Kisi, Kaya and others.

The climate is temperate-continental with Mediterranean influence. It is characterized by mild and short winter and long, hot summer.

Here there is a town hall, post office, primary school, library, community center with formed  groups of authentic folklore, folk instruments in school, theater group, ethnographic circle. Medical care is given by a GP and dentist. Regular bus service connects the village with the neighboring cities. Modern supermarket provides the needs of the local population and household groceries.

Cultural attractions

In the land of the village there are remains of prehistoric settlement mounds exceptionally rich grave gifts. During the Roman Empire Wreath fortress was an important stop along the way Anhialo (Pomorie) - Augusta Trayana. The tomb is built of limestone slabs and has a length - 2,35 m, width - 1.60 m and depth - 1,50 m. There are found bronze armor, golden breastplate, two iron spears, bronze hydrate, a clay amphora, two bronze vessels, three silver cups, one silver basin, bowl clay, iron candlestick. Burial is dated to the end of V century BC. Currently, the finding is located in the Museum of Art and Archaeology in Oxford.

Church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" built in 1837 during the Russian-Turkish War was celebrated service in the presence of general Gurko, which gave the temple an icon.

Ethnographic collection in the City Hall, which presents objects of village life, costumes and objects found during excavations made in the vicinity of the village.

In the surroundings, there are monuments of the general Gurko and lieutenant colonel Kalitin.

In Dalboko customs have been preserved as  Christmas selebration, grandparents day, Trifon's Day, Lazaruvane, etc.

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