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Valtchi Dol

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Valtchi Dol (meaning "wolf ravine" in Bulgarian) is a town in north-eastern Bulgaria, part of Varna region. It is located 47 km to the north-west from the city of Varna, 11 km to the north from the town of Suvorovo and 23 km to the south from the town of Dobrich.
The town is the administrative center of Valchi Dol municipality, which comprises 21 settlements. The population numbers to approximately 3560 people. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by a hot summer, a sunny autumn, a cold winter with plenty of snowfalls and a cool spring. The relief is various - vast fields and rolling green hills surrounded by century old forests spread and murmuring rivers. The former name of the town used to be Kurt Dere.


De to its favourable location - in the eastern part of the Danube plain, on the border between the Dobrudja plateau and the Ludogorie plateau. Due to the many springs, rivers and dense forests rich in game to provide plenty of food the area of the municipality has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Remains of of both Thracian and Slav settlement and necropolises have been revealed.
The town of Valchi Dol has been established in the 60's of the 19th century and was initially a small adyghe village.


The infrastructure in the town is very well organized - the roads are in a good condition, regular electricity and water supply are provided, a sewerage system and a purification station have been built. Excellent trade relations have been established with the regional centers Varna and Dobrich and the nearby villages. Varna-Sofia highway is located 23 km away from the town.
In Valchi Dol there is a municipality, a secondary school, a kindergarten, an Orthodox church, a community center with a library, a post-office, various kinds of shops, cafes, a medical center, pharmacies, private doctor's and dentist's offices, a tour operator agency, a railway station and a bus-station. All modern communications are available - internet, cable TV, coverage of all mobile operators.


The only ski-track in the north-eastern Bulgaria. Its total length is 250 m and it attracts many tourist during the winter. There is a rope-line for the skiers and excellent conditions for snowboarding lovers. In the area Koshu Bair there are two eco-trails and another in Klyunka area. The surroundings of the town provide excellent opportunities for the development of sport fishing and hunting tourism. On April 10th, 2009 a new shooting lodge was opened in the town.


  • An ethnographic collection of objects used in everyday life and national costumes is on display at the community center of the town, an on one of the town's squares there is a monument of a wolf - the symbol of Valchi Dol.
  • 9 km away from the town lies General Kiselovo dam-lake which offers opportunities for a great catch - silver carp, carp, grass carp and craw-fish. A hut with a tavern was built near the dam-lake to offer excellent conditions for relax among beautiful nature, tranquillity and serenity. The place is famous for the annual fishing competition held there annually.


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