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Village of Zornitsa

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Blagoevgrad Region - Zornica

Zornitsa is a village situated in South-western Bulgaria. It is part of Sandanski Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

There are five more villages in Bulgaria with the same name. They are located in the municipalities of Sredets (Burgas region), Haskovo (Haskovo region), Chepelare (Smolyan region), Kardzhali (Kardzhali region) and Aksakovo (Varna region).

Village of Zornitsa is 78 km south-east from town of Blagoevgrad, 17 km in the same direction from town of Sandanski, 6 km south-west from town of Melnik and 23 km north-east from town of Petrich.

Its population is approximately 90 people.

The village spreads out at the foot of Pirin Mountain, at 255 m above sea level. It is with hilly relief and panoramic views of the whole region. Melnik pyramids are visible from here. Near the village passes Melnishka River.

The climate is varying in Sandanski region. Mild winter and autumn with temperatures above 0 C. Summer here is with the most prolong sun shining in the country. Spring comes earlier here. The fewest rains of the country are in this region.

The village is provided with electricity, water and telephone net. It comprises a mayor, a church, a post box and a shop. Regular bus transportation to the towns of Sofia, Sandanski and Melnik.

Health services and education centres are available in village of Sklave (just 7 km away) and in town of Sandanski.

Agriculture is developed in growing wheat, corn, soy-bean, sun-flowers, sugar beet, Oriental tobacco, potatoes, lucerne, apples and grapes.

Landmarks and tourism

Zornitsa is a small, quiet and tranquil village with fresh air and beautiful nature. It is just 6 km away from the town-museum of Melnik. This is the smallest town in the country. The settlement is located in a valley surrounded by impressive sand pyramids. Melnik is declared a cultural-historical reserve and a town-museum.

Just 13 km away is set the Rozhen Monastery. It is the biggest cloister in Pirin Mountain and is one of the few Medieval Bulgarian monasteries that are so well-preserved.

Rupite land is only 18 km away from Zornitsa. It is best known as the place where the Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga (1911-1996) lived and was buried.

Pirin National Park is one of the three national parks in Bulgaria. It was created in 1962 as Vihren National Park. Today it occupies more than 42 000 ha of Pirin Mountain. It consists of various natural, cultural and historical areas. The park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1983.

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