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Village of Zlatusha

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Zlatusha is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is part of Bozhurishte Municipality, Sofia region.

It is located 29 km west from city of Sofia, 15 km in the same direction from town of Bozhurishte, 30 km north from town of Pernik, 16 km east from town of Breznik and 33 km south from town of Slivnitsa.

Its population is approximately 80 people.

Zlatusha spreads out mountainous area between Lyulin Mountain and Sofia field, at 694 m above sea level.

The climate is humid continental. It characterizes with mild winter (average temperature about 2 C) and warm summer (average temperature about 21 C).

The settlement is well-developed and provided with electricity, water and telephone net. It comprises a shop and a town-hall. The town-hall combines the mayors of Zlatusha and several small neighbouring villages.

Medical services and education centres are available in town of Bozhurishte.

The village is located on the main road Bozhurishte-Breznik and is just several kilometers from the main road Sofia-Kalotina. The municipal town of Bozhurishte is served by regular bus and railway transportation to city of Sofia.


Zlatusha is a tranquil, mountainous village with fresh air and beautiful nature. Small river passes through the village. The river is suitable for recreation and fishing as well.

The hilly relief and the suitable climate conditions combined with the proximity to Vitosha and Lyulin Mountains make the region suitable for herb production and eco tourism. The area of Bozhurishte аrea was announced as one of the most ecological regions in the country.

Attractive place of interest is Klisurski Monastery of 'St Petka'. This is a working women orthodox monastery set between village of Klisura and town of Bankya, just 35 km away from village of Zlatusha. The monastery is located on the top of a hill at the foot of Lyulin Mountain. The meadow in front of it reveals splendid view to Cherni vrah mountain top.

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