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Village of Zheleznitsa

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Zheleznitsa is a village set in Western Bulgaria. It is located in Sofia municipality, Sofia district.


The village is part of Pancharevo municipality, on the south-eastern slope of Vitosha Mountain and the river valley of Zheleznishka River. It is not far away from Sofia city, just 20 km away from it. Town of Pernik is 35 km away and town of Elin Pelin is 35 km away. The village neighbours village of Kokalyane, Pancharevo borough, Bistritsa borough, etc.

The territory relief characterizes with valleys. Vedena River and Stambolova River pass nearby.

The relief of the territory of the village is hilly and near two rivers run - and the Vedena and Stambolova rivers.

The climate is temperate. The coldest month is January with average temperatures around -7,0 º C and the warmest - July, with average temperatures of around +20,5 º C. The first snow usually falls in November, last March.


The village has a town hall, medical center, post office, 191 Main School Father Paisii, kindergarten No 181, community center Probuda. It has a hostel with traditional Bulgarian cuisine, a few shops and bistros.

In the area Korubishte has built stadium, which is very well poddazhran terrain and facilities. On it are carried on local races.
Proximity to the capital and the views of Vitosha and Rila certain large investment potential of the settlement.


Valuable resource is its mineral springs in the village of Railways temperature around 27 º C. The water is low mineralized and hypothermal.
Currently the old bathroom is restored by one of the pools has been restored and is able to use the population and guests of the village. A restoration and the second pool and landscaping of the area around the springs, which will create a recreational area.
Church of the Assumption was built in 1850 In recent years, the murals are restored. Chapel of St. Nicholas was built on an old church.
Nearby is Kokalyane monastery, about 10 km from the village - the St. Ghost. " There is a tradition that the monastery was built on the foundations of a Thracian sanctuary in the 15 century is located beneath Mount Manastirishte / 1338 meters. Destroyed and burnt by the Turks. In 2001, patriots raised the ruins Chapel of the same name.
There you can see ancient beech tree / over 500 /, in which spring water with red color and is considered a treatment.
The village is organized tourist routes in Vitosha (Cherni to peak and Lucky) to Kokalyansko monastery.



Bus transport

  • Bus № 69 with the route - Autostation Darvenitsa - Kliment Ohridski Blvd - Bistrica - village Zheleznitsa
  •  Bus № 70 with the route - Autostation Darvenitsa -Kliment Ohridski Blvd- Bistrica - Zheleznitsa village - the village of Plana
  •  Bus № 980 with the route - Gotse Delchev quarter - Ring Road Blvd - Dragalevtsi - Simeonovo - Bistrica - village Zheleznitsa

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