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village of Zhelezna

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Zhelezna is a village in northwestern Bulgaria, a part of Chiprovtsi municipality, Montana region.

It is situated in a picturesque mountainous area, on both sides of Ogosta river, only 2 km east of Chiprovtsi, about 27 km west of Montana and approximately 127 km northwest of Sofia.

The average altitude reaches 593 m, the climate is temperate.

The village has good infrastructure - electricity, water, mobile coverage and partially paved and lighted streets. There are regular buses to the nearby residents and the municipality center.

Zhelezna has population of about 350 people. Main occupations of the people are carpet and timber production.

The village has a town hall, a church, a community center with a folk singing group, a football field and a shop. In the neighboring town Chiprovtsi is the closest kindergarten and primary school, two general practitioners and two dentists. Specialized medical care is available in Montana city.

Landmarks and tourism

The village is attractive with fresh air, tranquility and beautiful scenery of the Balkan Mountain. From Zhelyazna to the west reveals majestic views of Mount Trite Chuki (1938 m). Ogosta river passes through the village and offers good conditions for fishing.

At less than 4 km northeast of the village is located Chiprovtsi monastery, which dates back to the 10th century and is one of the thirty monasteries of the First Bulgarian Kingdom. For nine centuries it was an important literary and educational center. It serves as a main shelter in the rebellion of Konstantin and Fruzhin (15th century) and Chiprovtsi Uprising (17th century). The monastery was repeatedly looted and partially destroyed six times in the 19th century, then reconstructed with the support of wealthy Bulgarians.

In the vicinity of Chiprovtsi tourists can see the beautiful Chiprovtsi waterfall and in the town - The Memorable mark "300 years Chiprovsko vastanie", The Historical Museum, The Church "Ascension", The Colourful Fountain, Punkovata House and others.

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