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Village of Zhelen

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Zhelen is a village in Western Bulgaria. It is part of Svoge Municipality, Sofia region.

The village is 46 km north from city of Sofia, 9 km in the same direction from town of Svoge, 37 km east from town of Godech, 73 km south-west from town of Vratsa and 65 km north-west from town of Botevgrad.

Its population is approximately 200 people.

Zhelen spreads out the Iskar Gorge in Golema Mountain (Western Balkan Mountains), at 1013 m above sea level. The relief is mountainous with beautiful rock massifs, hills, forests and meadows.

The climate is humid continental with mountainous characteristics. Winter is cold, summer is cool and autumn comes earlier than the other parts of the country.

The village comprises a town-hall, a shop and a community centre. Health and educational services are available in the neighbouring village of Tserovo (14 km). There is a voluntary society for popularizing the natural way of living. One of its activities is to develop bio agriculture - planting fruit and vegetables in organic method.

The population is occupied in stock-breeding - cattle, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and poultry. The rich forest resource is suitable for developing logging and wood-processing. The climate conditions and mountainous terrain allow developing of bee-keeping, raspberry picking, herb picking and mushroom-growing.


Zhelen is a very beautiful village with splendid panoramic views, wide green meadows, forests and rock massifs. Amazing panorama to the neighbouring villages reveals Cherna mahala borough.

The House of Daskal (Daskalovata House) is the most significant monument of the Bulgarian Revival Period of the village. It was owned by Daskal Stoycho (Stoycho - the teacher) who was a prominent revolutionary. Today this house is renovated and hosts the main office of the voluntary society.

The Iskar Gorge is one of the most beautiful and virgin places in Bulgaria. The gorge could best be seen by the train passing through it (Sofia-Vratsa). Amazing views could be seen by the train - the pyramids of Katina, the rocks of Lakatnisha and other karst shapes. The villages in the area are starting points for many mountainous routes. One of the most beautiful waterfalls - Skaklya, is near village of Zasele.

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