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village of Zhalti bryag

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Zhalti bryag is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is part of Stambolovo municipality, Haskovo region.

This is the largest village in the municipality. It lies in a fertile valley, amongst one of the last hills of the Eastern Rhodopes mountain.

It borders with the lands of the villages of Knijovnik, Tsareva polyana, Stambolovo and Koren. It is located 3 km northwest of Stambolovo, 17 km southeast from the town of Haskovo, 100 km southeast of Plovdiv and 240 km southeast of the capital - Sofia city.

The altitude is about 215 m.

The climate is temperate continental. Winters are mild and summers are sunny and hot, with maximum temperatures reaching over 35 degrees.

Population is more than 800 people.

Village infrastructure is good - settled with asphalted and lighted streets, electricity, water-supply system, telephone lines, Internet access and coverage of mobile operators.

There are functioning town house, church, post office, primary school, community center, kindergarten, shops and restaurants.

The community center is called "Saznanie-1890" and recently opened an information center with free internet access. There is also a group of authentic folk songs and dances, which are included in the rankings "Miracles of Bulgaria".

Medical services for the residents are provided by a health center with doctor and dentist, specialized medical help can be received in the hospital in the town of Haskovo.

Regular bus lines pass through the municipality. Besides village roads lines there are also links with major cities like Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora and others.


Church "St. Dimitar" was built in 1857 and has over 155 years of history. The village also has ethnographic museum collection created by the ethnography circle in the school.

Nearby is the Burzey river, a rope bridge connects residents with the "Yamacha" area - a good place for walks and picnics.

Not far away is the "St. Ilia"chapel.

The Stambolovo region is crossed by the river Arda which is a border river between Turkey and Greece.  The river banks offer excellent spots for eco-tourism, fish-farming, angling and water sports. The river valley is extremely suitable as a place for the preservation of rare and protected reptile and amphibian species.

In the area there are different options for hiking, hunting, attention is paid to the development of winter tourism.


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