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village of Zasele

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Zasele is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Svoge municipality, Sofia region.

It is 14 km north of the town of Svoge and 56 km in the same direction from the capital Sofia. The neighboring villages of Zimevitsa, Bov and Tserovo are 4 km west, 36 km east and 9 km south of the village of Zasele.

It is situated in mountain region at the foot of Ponor planina mountain part of the west slopes of Stara planina mountain in proximity to the gorgeous Iskar gorge as its altitude is about 596 m. The relief defines the cold winter, the cool summer and the early coming fall in comparison to the other parts of the country. The climate conditions together with mountain relief allow the bee keeping, the collecting of raspberries, herbs and mushrooms. 

The permanent population is about 139 people.

Bus transportation connects to the other settlements in the area. Railway station there is in the village of Tserovo. Here are constructed water and electricity systems. All mobile operators have coverage.

Here are functioning town hall, store and pub. The nearest GP and dentist are working in the neighboring village of Tserovo and medical center is working in the town of Svoge. In Tserovo also there are school and kindergarten.

In the village of Zasele there is constructed touristic complex "Bozhilovtsi" which offers horse riding, hunting, fishing, mountain biking, caving, rock climbing, ice climbing, touristic marches, visiting of historical landmarks and alternative tourism.

In 2007 was found the renewed Vazov eco route that connects to villages Zasele and Bov. It is with new fences, bridges also there is installed new lighting on the edges of the rocks round the route. There are trash boxes, benches, gazebos and information tables.

Another settlement that made Zasele famous is Skaklya waterfall - the fourth highest waterfall in Bulgaria located in Varo area near the village. The waterfall is unique for its three cascades where the water "jumps', at the foot springs the eponymous river. In the winter the water freezes and the view is picturesque - this makes excellent conditions for the people that enjoy climbing.

Rock phenomenon Dzhuglata is rock formation situated in the area of Tserovo village in proximity to the turnout for for the village of Zasele. Its height is 18 m and the forms of the rocks are very peculiar. It was formed created when the horizontal weathering rusty-red Triassic sandstone, typical of the Gorge area about over millions of years.

The area of Ponor planina mountain is heaven for the cavers and researchers - there are differently sized caves, canals and karst holes. Here you can see one of the most beautiful caves Elata, Dushnika caves, Katsite, Mayanitsa to Lakatnishkite caves which are protected areas and have the most richest cave fauna in Bulgaria and there is cave Temnata dupka. In the are there are many other caves and smaller caves.


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