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Village of Yudelnik

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Yudelnik is a village in Northern Bulgaria. It is situated in Ruse Municipality, Ruse Region.

It is 28 km east from the centre of town of Ruse, 11 km south from town of Slivo pole, 105 km south-west from town of Silistra, 191 km north-west from town of Varna and 330 km north-east from city of Sofia.

Regular bus transportation to town of Ruse and the neighbouring villages.

The settlement spreads out the eastern part of the Danube plain, on 105 m above the sea level. Plain relief and humid continental climate. Summer is hot and dry, and winter - cold.

Yudelnik is with population of about 910 people.

It is provided with electricity, water and communication equipment. There is a town-hall, a post office, a community centre with a library, an orthodox church, a mosque and different commercial areas. The nearest health services, elementary school and kindergarten are in the municipal centre of Slivo pole.

Agriculture is the main means of living here - grain crops, vegetables, fruit and stock-breeding (poultry, sheep, pigs). There is a pig-breeding farm as well.


Rusenski Lom Natural Park. is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Ruse Region. The park is set in the canyon type valley of Rusenski Lom River, about 35 km away of Yudelnik. There are rare plant and animal species, and many cultural-historical sites.

Danube River is about 17 km away of the settlement. This is the second longest European river. The fishermen may catch sheat-fish, carp, zander, perch, northern pike, etc. The rich variety of animals has been preserved during the years in 'Kalimok-Brashlen' protected territory. There are 230 bird species, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, rear and protected animals registered in the Bulgarian Red Book.

Forest park 'Lipnik' at village of Nikolovo is a preferred place for recreation during weekends. The park is convenient for pedestrian and bicycle tourism, water-wheeling and fishing. There is a small zoo park with bears, goats and birds.

At 'Seslav' reserve you may hunt red deer, roe, wild-boar, wolf, jackal, fox and wild cat.

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