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village of Yasenovo

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Yasenovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Kazanlak, Stara Zagora Region.

In Bulgaria,  the villages, bearing the name Yasenovo are two - in Stara Zagora and Burgas Regions.

Located at the foot of Stara Planina, the village is l43 km northwest of the regional center of Stara Zagora, 14 km northwest of Kazanlak, 10 km northeast of Pavel Banya and 22 km south of Gabrovo.

The population is about 780 people.

The terrain is flat, the altitude is about 500m.

The climate is temperate. Winters are mild, snow is rare. Summers are warm, and precipitation occurs rarely. The average temperature in January is over 0 ° C, while the average temperature in July is above 25 ° C.

In the land of the village is located Reserve "Leshnitsa "and near the village pass river Leshnitsa.

The village has electricity and water supply, all mobile operators have coverage. It has a regular transport connecting it with nearby villages and towns. In Yasenovo shops, a pub, a new church, kindergarten, library and community center. The village has a vocal group, and organization for preservation of folk customs.

The closest medical service is in the nearby village of Goliamo Dryanovo - 2 km from Yasenovo, and the nearest school - in the town of Shipka - a distance of 8 km.

Cultural and natural attractions

Valley of Stone River (Kayal gully), with gorge-like middle part located at the eastern end of the village. Many of the rocks there are in the shape of humans and animals.

In the area of Stone River has many beautiful caves, some of which have flowing streams.

Around the village there are Thracian mounds.

Ispolin peak (1504 m), 3 hours north of the village. Located in the heart of Central Balkan National Park.

Pavel Banya - spa resort is recognized by medical - rehabilitation center to treat many diseases. In the bathroom there are 9 Paul hydro - thermal springs of varying temperature and chemical composition, which contributes to the individualization in the treatment of patients.

Gabrovo - some of the most - interesting sights can be visited there are: the Regional Historical Museum, House of Humour and Satire, Ethnographic Museum "museum" House of Culture "Emmanuel Manolov"

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