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village of Yarlovo

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Yarlovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Samokov municipality, Sofia region.

It is 5 km northwest of the village of Kovachevtsi, 20 km in the same direction from the village of Belchin and 30 km from the town of Samokov. The village of Zheleznitsa is 19 km northeast, while the capital Sofia is 43 km north.

It is located in mountain region on the southern slopes of Vitosha mountain and the western slopes of Verila mountain and near it passes the small river of Palakariya. Its altitude is about 1044 m. The climate here is characterized by severe winter, that lasts from November to the beginning of April. The spring is pretty cool, short and often the weather is variable; the summer is very short and cool. The autumn is usually rainy and misty.

Yarlovo is considerably well maintained village. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. The main streets are asphalted and with lighting. Here are constructed water and electricity systems. The mobile operators have coverage.

The permanent population is about 442 people.

Here are functioning town hall, community center, primary school with group of kindergarten, stores and pub. One GP takes care for the people in the village. Medical center works in the town of Samokon while specialized hospitals you can find in the capital.
There is football club Vitosha.

Its name is Old Slavic and was once sacred and was given to the god Yarovit the son of Svarog the God of fire.

Yarlovo is starting point for a couple of mountain roads to Cherni vrah peak and the end points are Simeonovo and Dragalevtsi.

In the village there are two churches one old that is almost in the ground and new church Sveta Nedelya at the center of the village it was consecrated in 1906. Once here there were other churches that are now in ruins "St Dimitrii" which is in proximity to Bento area, St Bogoroditsa to Ribarniko area now called  Sharenata cherkva.

The area is suitable for recreational tourism and is in proximity is situated the SPA resort Belchinski bani famous for its healing mineral water. Another attraction is the entertainment complex "Belchin park" located in the beginning of the village. It is with large mineral swimming pool, two children pools, playground, volleyball and basketball playgrounds, snack-bar. 

The dam is nice /next to the village of Kovachevtsi/ and offers good conditions for fishing and relaxation. In the area there are beautiful pine and oak forests that provide nice time walking and picnic.


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