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village of Yamna

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Yamna is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Etropole municipality, Sofia region.

It is 14 km east of the town of Etropole and 100 km northeast from the capital Sofia. The neighboring villages of Ribaritsa and Cherni vit are 9 km west and 16 km northeast.

It is located at the foot of Stara planina mountain and its altitude is about 754 m. The temperate climate is characterized by cool summer and cold winter that continues about 4-5 months.

The infrastructure is considerably well developed - the central streets are asphalted and with lighting, there are constructed water electricity and phone systems. All mobile operators have coverage and there also is Internet connection. Bus transportation connects it to the municipality.

The permanent population is about 210 people.

Here are functioning town hall, guest houses, hotel complex, store and restaurant. Medical assistance you can get at the town of Etropole where are also situated the nearest schools and kindergartens.

In proximity to the village is situated one of the most famous monasteries in the area that is part of the list of the 100 Tourist sites - Etropolski monastery "St Troitsa". It was found during the Second Bulgarian kingdom. Many times was it demolished and then rebuilt and in XVII c. became leading center of the education and literacy. Here was developed and improved the famous school of Varovits - the masters made icons. Vasil Levski Bulgarian national hero found shelter here many times when he was hiding from the Ottomans while traveling in the country. Today one of the basements is turned into small museum in his honor. The church in the monastery was constructed in the middle of the XIX c. and impresses the eye with its colorful windows.

Natural landmark is the waterfall Vranata voda that is 15 m high. It is 10 minutes walking distance from from Padesh neighborhood.

The village attracts the tourists that are keen on the village and recreational tourism and also the preserved traditions in the culinary arts - you can try beans in a pot, pie in Etropolska pan, rabbit stew, sheep yogurt with sweet wild strawberries.

Interesting is the 150-years old water mill that is situated in the village and still works with water provided by Zlata river that is favorite place of the fishermen.

In proximity are located the two protected areas - Benkovskata cave and Grohotaka. The eco trail "Following the steps of Benkovski" for in 1876 Benkovski and his group of rebels headed from the village of Brusen and Lopyan to the village of Yamna and spend the night at the cave and there are beech trees. In Grohotaka area there are rock formations Kukilte, Etropolski cliffs, Orlov kamak and the remains of the fortresses Chervenata wall and Chertigrad.


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