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Village of Yakimovo

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Yakimovo is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is administrative center of Yakimovo municipality, Montana region.

It is about 30 km north from the region center Montana, about 19 km southeast from the town of Lom and about 140 km north from the capital Sofia.

The terrain is mostly hilly. The climate is temperate continental, with cold winter and hot summer. Average temperature in January -2°C, in July 25°C.
The village is reach of water - there are a lot of underground water, river Tsibritsa passes across it, too.

The village has well developed structure, all mobile operators have connection. In Yakimovo there are kindergarten, elementary school, two general practitioners, museum, community center with formed dance group, a group for folk singers and short theatrical events. In the village there are bakery, two mills for processing of wheat, oil and sunflower processing.
The main occupation of the populatino are agriculture and livestock.

Cultural and tourist sightseeings

In the village of Yakimovo was opened the first and only room for curling in Eastern Europe. It was built by Canadian technology. The complex includes hotel rooms, fitness center and swimming pool and is suitable for people with physical disabilities.

Along Yakimovo was found the silver treasure from II-I century B.C. and is probably connected with the art of skordiskite (mixed Thracian and Celtic population of today's northwestern Bulgaria and eastern Serbia).

In the museum of Yakimovo can be seen archaeological, ethnographic and Neolithic artifacts.

The suitable climate conditions, sufficient materials, labor and the absence of industrial pollutants allows development of ecological agriculture.

Each year in May or June is held  assembly of the village, in the Sunday after Spasov day.

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