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village of Vrachesh

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Vrachesh is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Botevgrad municipality, Sofia region.

It is 3 km west of the town of Botevgrad and 70 km northeast of the capital Sofia. It is the second largest village in the municipality and is very well maintained. Most of the streets are asphalted and there also is lighting. There are constructed phone, electricity and water systems as well as partially constructed sewerage system. All mobile operators have coverage.

It is situated in mountain region at the foot of Murgash mountain that is part of Stara planina mountain and its altitude is about 400 m. The climate in the area is characterized by considerably cold winter, cool summer and early coming fall in comparison to the other parts of the country.

The permanent population is about 3442 people.

Here are functioning town hall, community center with different kinds of art activity - choirs and other groups with interests, primary school, kindergarten, pensioner's club, stores and restaurants. For the health of the people take care one GP and one dentist. The nearest hospital is in the town of Botevgrad.
In the village there are fishing and hunting parties.

Famous cultural landmark is the Vracheshki monastery "St 40 martyrs" that is women monastery and dates back to the Second Bulgarian empire about XIII c. It was Bill was burned twice by the Turks - in the XV and XVIII century, the second time and was completely destroyed and an idea to exist. In the XIX century (1891) the monastery was restored, and for its restoring there is legend about Virgin Mary that showed up in the dream of a pastor showed him the place of the burnt buildings and the healing spring near the monastery and ordered him to recover them. During the excavations the local people discovered the foundations of the monastery - temple, bones of monks, incense burner and a fully preserved icon of Virgin Mary, which suggests that it dates back to the XVII century. It is declared a cultural monument. The temple complex consists of nave church building, residential building and outbuildings.

The church "St. Dimitar" in the village center is made by the master Vuno Markov builder of the Botevgrad Clock Tower, which is part of the 100 national tourist sites.


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