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village of Voyvodovo

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Voyvodovo is a village in Southern Bulgaria. It is part of Haskovo municipality, Haskovo region.

There is one more sttlement in the country with the same name, in Miziya municipality, Vratsa region.

Voyvodovo is located 7 km south of the regional town of Haskovo, 75 km west of Svilengrad and the Bulgarian-Turkish border and about 90 km southeast of Plovdiv.

Its altitude is 190 m.

The climate has a strong Mediterranean influence. It is expressed primarily by higher average annual temperatures. Winters are mild and short, summer are long and hot.

Population is around 1150 people.

The village has developed infrastructure - electricity, water and sewerage systems built, telephone lines and coverage of mobile operators, cable TV and Internet. Larger part of the streets are asphalted.

There are functioning: community center, kindergarten, primary school, medical center and a dentist, shop, church, mosque, etc.

Specialized hospital care, high-schools, theater, cinema, library and other cultural events are easily accessible thanks to the proximity to the town of Haskovo.


Haskovo attracts people with its attractions and sightseeings. Many of the streets are in oriental style, while the preserved old town charms with its National revival architecture. In the center of Haskovo is situated the oldest mosque in the country. There are many old houses and public buildings, declared as monuments, that preserve the unique spirit of Haskovo story.

Northeast of town is the park "Cainan" - the largest park in the municipality. Along with various trees, rosary, dendrarium, walkway and pond, the park has several restaurants, hotels, swimming pool, outdoor cinema, playground and sports facilities.

Typical for the region are dolmens, menhirs and cromlechs, rock tombs, niches, pools and more. Very often they are united in imposing religious complexes. Faith in the power of the local population of these holy places is so strong that they continue to worship them in later times. One of the most interesting megalithic monuments are in the village of Dolni Glavanak, village of Malko Gradishte, close to the villages of Hlyabovo and Ovcharovo.

At about 25 km away are the mineral springs in village of Mineralni bani.



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