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Village of Voynovo

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Voynovo is a village situated in North-eastern Bulgaria. It is located in Kaynardzha Municipality, Silistra region.

There is another village with the same name in Bulgaria. It is part of Chernoochene Municipality, Kardzhali region.

The village is about 26 km south-west from town of Silistra, 6 km west from village of Kaynardzha, 67 km north-west from town of Dobrich, 115 km in the same direction from town of Varna and 107 km north-east from town of Shumen.

Its population is approximately 180 people.

Voynovo spreads in the eastern part of the Danube plain. The relief is plain and hilly, and the climate - humid continental. Dry, hot summers and cold winters. The sea altitude varies from 150 m to 200 m.

The village is provided with electricity, water and telephone net. In close proximity passes the main road Silistra-Dobrich-Varna. There is a town hall and shops. The nearest schools and health services are in the municipal centre - village of Kaynardzha (6 km away) and in the village of Sredishte (12 km away). There is an emergency medical centre and one private pharmacy in the territory of the municipality.

Agriculture - the climate is convenient for planting grain crops, industrial crops, fruits and vegetables. Stock-breeding is mainly concentrated in cattle-breeding, sheep-breeding and goat-breeding. Bee-keeping is well-developed as well.


The relief is beneficial for developing alternative tourism (eco tourism, speleology, cultural tourism).

Badzhaliyata is an interesting place to visit. It is a Thracian rock complex near village of Voynovo. It was shaped on the dry run-way of Taban River. The lands along Taban River are protected because of the rock sanctuaries, altars, cult grounds and rock pits.

Another sightseeing is the bio-reserve Srebarna. The reserve occupies Srebarna Dam and its surroundings. It is located on the main migratory birds line between Europe and Afrika - Via Pontica.


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