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village of Vlahi

See it on the map Bulgarian properties in Blagoevgrad Region - Vlahi

Vlachi is a village in southwestern Bulgaria. It is located in the municipality of Kresna, Blagoevgrad Region.

The village is located 10 kilometers from the municipal center Kresna, about 50 km south of Blagoevgrad city, 158 km south of Sofia. The village has a public transport on weekends.

Vlaxi is located in the southwestern part of Northern Pirin Mountain, at an altitude of 700 meters. The permanent population is only 8 people.

The climate is transitional Mediterranean. The average temperature was 0-2 ° C in January and 24 ° C in July.

The landscape is varied - this area is established as a catchment area of the river Vlahinska, which borders  to the north peak Albutin and the ridge "Strashnata scala". Here are the karst edge Foal, grazing steep Dzhiguritsa, Party Itipitsa, Ridge Gredaro, Orleans, Shtiro and others.

Around Vlahi are found iron deposits of limestone and marble. In the area of Rome holes in antiquity were mined iron, lead and chromium ores.

Fauna in the area of the village is diverse. Here are some of the rare and protected species of snakes that are listed in the Red Book of Bulgaria - Cat snake, worm, sandbox and leopard snake.

Vlahi has no school and kindergarten, the neares one are in the nearby municipal center town of Kresna.

Cultural and natural attractions

Vlahi village is the birthplace of the notorious leader Yane Sandanski.

Protected areas - the land of Vlahi lies much of the natural park "Pirin" protected area "Eagles" and many old trees.

In the center of the village is located "Vlahinski plane", which is more than 500 years and is a monument of nature.

Vlahinska River with its few small waterfall is one of the most attractive rivers for rafting in Bulgaria.

Vlahi Trail starts from the village, passing through the area of fields and curves to the foothills of Mount Baba, which has a resting place. The trail continues upstream Vlahinska river reaches the site of Cave where closed mine ore.

In recent years Vlahi became known mainly to the activities and projects of some environmental organizations.

The village was built a new building functioning as a "center for rare breeds.

In the education center could be considered types of large predators in Bulgaria and their related species in the world. The center has a cafeteria, hall with 40 seats, suitable for meetings, screenings and work with children.

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