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village of Vishan

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Vishan is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Dragoman municipality, Sofia region.

It is about 5 km northwest of the village of Nesla, 13 km in the same direction from the village of Gaber and about 19 km from the town of Dragoman. The capital Sofia is 63 km southeast. 

It is situated in the historical and geographical area "Burel" that encompasses the West Bulgaria and East Serbia known also as the West Outlands.

The village is located at altitude of 671 m. The climate is temperate - the summer is hot while the winter is cool. The amount of precipitation is little.

The permanent population is about 39 people.

The administrative service is taken by the mayor's vice royalty in the neighboring village of Nesla. The nearest GP and dentist are in the village of Gaber where there also is kindergarten and school. Medical center works in the town of Dragoman and in the hospital there are also specialized hospitals.

The village exists since the Middle Ages (XIV c.) and from this time dates back the old church in area Kalugeritsa. From it today can be seen only ruins. And near it is constructed small Orthodox chapel.
In the area of Vishan village there are many cruxes and some of Spas, st Troitsa, st st Petar and Pavel.

Local landmark is the small cave is Shumak cave near Drilkina neighborhood. In it there are small stalactites, stalactites, povletsi, dendrites and cockscomb.

Tourism and landmarks

With its natural resources, beautiful scenery and almost untouched nature the territory Dragoman area has the paramounts to become attractive place for mountain tourism. The high rocks, the karst formations and forms attract to attention of the mountain climbers, para gliders and cavers. The unknown territories for archeologists and botanics.

The people that enjoy extreme sports can jump with para glider from Chepan peak that is one of the most suitable for this action places.

Interesting are also the architectural and historical landmarks as Razboishki monastery, Cheparlyanski monastery etc.

Dragoman marsh is the only one in Bulgaria with karst origin, which gives it special conservation concern. The marsh is protected area in which there are many rare plants and waterfowl. It is situated in a large valley surrounded by limestone hills, an area of ​​about 400 hectares.
It was declared natural reserve, and it is part of the ornithology important place - "Rayanovski wet meadows."
The swamp is located in the path of migrating birds "Via Aristotelis", here they stop in the rich marsh vegetation to rest before flying again.

Temnata dupka cave located in proximity to Lipintsi village and about half a kilometer from Baichishte neighborhood above Berende izvor village. It is 425 m long and is with different cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites, fractions, lakes and small ponds, cave pearls, stone lillies and other typical formations. It is declared natural landmark.


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