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village of Veshtitsa

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Veshtitsa (Witch) is a village in Northwestern Bulgaria. It is situated in Belogradchik municipality, Vidin district.

The village is located only 10 km northwest of Belogradchik, 50 km southwest of Vidin and approximately 190 km northwest of Sofia city.

The climate is temperate continental with relatively cold winters and hot summers. The average altitude reaches 311 m.

The village has electricity and water, partially paved streets, street lighting, mobile coverage and bus transportation to the municipality center and the surrounding villages.

Veshtitsa is one of the first settlements that occurred in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule. In the three quarters of the village, which once numbered 500 to 600 people currently live less than 50 people. They have a town hall and a shop. In the past, there was a school, opened in 1893, but after the depopulation of the village the school was closed. Children attend primary and secondary schools and a kindergarten in the neighboring town of Belogradchik. There are general practitioners and dentists who take care of the health of the people in Veshtitsa. Medical centers in the town offer special assistance.

The village celebrates its festival during the Orthodox Feast of the Holy Spirit.

There are many legends for the name of Veshtitsa. One says that the region had three mills. Local people were very knowledgeable and understanding of their crafts. When inhabitants of other villages came back to their homes and were asked where they came from, they answered: "From witches."
The most popular legend tells of a Turk who had a farm there. Walking is his lands one day, he saw a few Bulgarian women who bathе in the local river. The forbidden for that time view forced the Turk to flee shouting, "Witches, witches."


Landmarks and tourism

In the past the village had an interesting and unique landmark. In Tsaritsin grob /Queen's grave/ or Tsaritsa neighbourhood was located an old monument, a large stone with carved ornaments on it, confirming the popular legend in northwestern Bulgaria for the escape of the last Bulgarian queen from the Belogradchik Fortress. According to the same legend the queen along with her entourage escaped through a tunnel leading to the afore-mentioned area where she was killed by the lurking Turkish troops. Unfortunately the stone indicating the tragic event was stolen by looters in the early 90-ies of the XX century.

Thanks to its location the village Veshtitsa has great opportunities for rural tourism. Because of the pure nature many people had repaired their old houses and came here for a vacation. There is a river in vicinity and about 13 km north is located the Rabisha lake - the largest inland lake in the country, which is also suitable for fishing and water sports.

In the area of ​​village Veshtitsa are:

Belogradchik Rocks - probably the most famous rock formations in Bulgaria, which are part of the 100 national tourist sites. They are located about 13 km southeast.
"Magura" cave is located about 17 km northeast. It is one of the most beautiful caves the country, also part of the 100 national tourist sites.
Rakovitsa monastery "Holy Trinity" is located 23 kilometers northwest. It was founded in X-XI century and after the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule it declined. In the XVII century it was restored by St. Pimen of Sofia, but at the end of XVIII century, was burned down. Currently he is restored and constantly operating.

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