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village of Venkovets

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Venkovets is a village in West Bulgaria. It is located in Ihtiman municipality, Sofia region.

It is about 12 km west of the town of Ihtiman, 6 km in the same direction from the village of Zhivkovo and 3 km in the same direction from the village of Boeritsa. The capital Sofia is 61 km northwest of it.

It is situated in mountain area and its altitude is about 787 m. The climate is temperate as the hollow relief in some parts is precondition for the difference in the temperatures and the changeability of the weather. The winter is considerably well maintained and is also cold with little precipitation, the summer is warm and cool.

The permanent population is about 52 people.

Store for all goods is working in the neighboring village of Boeritsa. Kindergarten is working in the village of Zhivkovo where you also can get medical assistance. The nearest medical center as well as school are working in the municipality the town of Ihtiman.

Through the village passes Venkovska river and the place is suitable for relaxation and fishing. For the people that enjoy tourism there is made shelter. The drinking water comes from mountain springs.

The gathering of the village is made annually every second Saturday of June.

From Venkovets there a couple of routes to Iskar dam that is about 3 km from the village. There is located natural reserve "Iskar", which is the smallest to its area in Bulgaria. Besides there can be seen deers and does, wild boar, wild goats, and also are organized photo safaris, horse riding, birds observation and also of other animals in their natural habitat.

Near the town of Ihtiman there is constructed the first in Bulgaria golf course. It is with training golf course, golf hall, patting and chipping zone, two buildings of the club, horse base, two tennis courts, swimming pools, football, basketball and volleyball playgrounds, luxury villas and hotels for relaxation.


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