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Vedrina village

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Vedrina is a village in North-East Bulgaria, part of Dobrich municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 15 km to the town of Dobrich, 17 km to the town of Valtchi Dol and 53 km to the city of Varna.

general information

The relief is various - low hills, vast deciduous forest and wide fertile fields create an intriguing scenery. The climate is temperate-continental with sunny spring, hot summer, cool and rainy autumn and cold winter with plenty of snowfalls. The population of the village numbers to approximately 600 people. The last spurs of Stara Planina mountain are spreading here and the altitude of 305 m is above the average for Dobrudja region.


The former name of the village used to be Kada Kyoy which means "the village of the judge". It was named like that since during the Turkish Domination it was the village the judge used to inhabit. Even nowadays in the north-eastern part of the village there are remains of a well which is known as "the Judge's Well". The legend has it that back then it was built and used by the judge himself.
The current name of the village "vedrina" means freshness in Bulgarian and very well describes the beautiful nature surrounding the village. Most of the year the weather is clear, the sun is shining, the sky is cloudless, it is rarely foggy, the air is clear and fresh.


The local people are very proud of the new school building with 12 classrooms and two studies outfitted with  contemporary technical equipment. On the territory of the school there is also the new kindergarten, an asphalted playground with an area of 450 sq. m, a gym and a workshop - a genuine educational complex. In the village there is also a a mayoralty, a post-office, an Orthodox church built in 1848 which used to house a monastery school in the past, a doctor's office, a dentist's, a community center with a rich library, grocery shops, a cafe. A museum exposition is currently in a process of creation. It will present objects of the everyday life and authentic costumes.
The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis, there is also a self-contained water-source. All modern communications are present - internet, cable TV coverage of all Bulgarian mobile operators. The roads are in a very good condition. Regular public transportation is available to the town of Dobrich and the nearby villages.

development prospects

Vedrina is one of the large settlements in the municipality and has a great development potential. On its territory there is a dressmaking and tailoring establishment, a shoemaker's, a private dairy farm. A private agricultural co-operation cultivates the fertile land surrounding the village and provides occupation to seasonal workers. Some 4 km to the village there are two beautiful dam-lakes stocked with fish /in the villages of Novo Botevo and Odrintzi/ - great places for fishing, picnics and relaxation among silence and peacefulness.
Several properties in Vedrina are purchased by foreigners. The village is preferred for its good infrastructure, excellent transportation links, its proximity to the regional center of Dobrich as well as for its beautiful nature and healthy climate.
Traditionally, the local people have been occupied in sheep-breeding and farming. Nowadays there are still excellent conditions fro the development of agriculture, stock-breeding and bee-keeping.

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