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village of Vasilovtsi

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Vasilovtsi is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Dragoman municipality, Sofia region

In Bulgaria there is another settlement that carries the same name it is in Brusartsi municipality, Montana region

It is 15 km east of the town of Dragoman and 43 km northeast of Sofia. Malo Malovo village is 3 km west. 

Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. There are installed water and electricity systems. The road is renovated. 

It is located in mountain area and its altitude is about 742 m. 
The climate is temperate. In the summer the weather is hot and the winter is cool. There is little precipitation. 

The permanent population is about 78 people. 

Here are functioning "St. Spas" church, shop and tavern. 
Schools, kindergartens and medical practices you can find in the municipality Dragoman. Specialized medical assistance you can get in Sofia.
In the village are constructed public drinking fountains.

The areas Blatoto and Chepan are interesting for their unique plant species like the Summer Snowflake and Urumoffii Tulip
Local architectural and historical landmarks that could be visited are the ancient church of the Malomalovksi monastery, Peshteritsa cave which is in the village, Razboishtki monastery, Cheparlyanski monastery etc.

Dragoman marsh is the only marsh in Bulgaria with karst origin which makes it very important to be protected. 
It is situated in large hollow /400 da/ surrounded by lime hills. It is declared a reserve part of the Rayanovksi wet meadows which is important for the ornithologists. The marsh falls on the migration road of the birds "Via Aristotelis" - they stop here for the rich marsh plants and to rest before the long road.  

Temnata dupka cave is located in proximity to the village of Lipintsi and about half a mile from Bachiyshtethe neighborhood  above Berende izvor village. It is 425 meters long and in it there are various cave formations - stalactites, stalagmites, blinds, small lakes and ponds, cave pearls, stone lilies and other specific entities. It is declared natural landmark. 

Photos: Mirela 

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