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village of Vulche pole

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Vulche pole is a village in southern Bulgaria and it is a part of Lyubimec municipality, Haskovo region.

The settlement is in a mountain region, in the eastern part of the Rhodopes mountain, approximately halfway on the road Harmanli-Ivaylovgrad. It is located 30 km south of Lyubimec, 38 km southwest of Svilengrad, 70 km southeast of Haskovo, 190 km southwest from the sea town of Burgas and 290 km southeast from the capital of Sofia.

The altitude is about 300 m.

The village has developed infrastructure, electricity, it is water supplied and the mobile networks have coverage. There is an operating community center with a functioning library and folk group. The nearest primary school in the village of Little Gradishte 20 km away, secondary school and kindergarten are available in town of Lyubimec.

The population is about 340 people.

Center of medical practice is available at Malko Gradishte village, specialized hospital assistance can be received in hospitals in Svilengrad or Haskovo.


The first written record of the existance of the village is from 1562, according to which the settlement occurred in 1326. The second document is from 1662, which confirms that the population is pure Bulgarian. Until its liberation from Ottoman rule - in 1913, the village is named Kurtkyoy and Kurtulen.


In the land of the village there are unique historical sites, demonstrating the presence of high culture since ancient times. 200 m to the west, at the foot of Sheinovets top in 1931, was found unique domed Thracian tomb, from the fourth century BC. At the very top there is a monument to the perished Bulgarian soldiers.

"Kush Kaya" from Turkish "bird stone" is a huge rock resembling a majestic eagle, located north of the village. Recent excavations found that the rock was an ancient Thracian complex. It is assumed that the cult complex was surrounded by a wall and was probably related to one another - "Gluhite kamani" located a few kilometers up the mountain.

The Thracian sanctuary in the area of "Gluhite kamani" ("The Deaf stones") near the village of Malko Gradishte is the largest Thracian cult complex of rock niches. More than hundred of trapezium shaped niches are carved on monolithic rock, which arises from the earth like a giant, 30 meters high, tooth. The role of these holes is not fully understood, but is supposed they were used as funeral urns. 50 meters away from the niches are located several megalithic tombs, two of which perfectly preserved.

Similar stone artifacts can be seen near the town of Madzharovo, again in Haskovo region, in the "Kovan Kaya" area.


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