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village of Vaksevo

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Vaksevo is a village in Southwest Bulgaria. It is part of Nevestino municipality, Kyustendil municipality.

It is 100 km in southwest direction from the capital Sofia and about 28 km east of the town of Kyustendil.

The people that live here permanently are about 560 people.

The relief is mountain and its altitude is about 710 m.
The cliamte is continental and slightly influenced by the mountain relief. The summer nights here are cool and the winter is mild with short snow cover. 

In the village of Vaksevo there is good infrastructure - asphalted streets with lighting, electricity system, water system, partially constructed sewerage. There is phone system and TV, as well as coverage of the mobile operators.

About 28 km east of the village passes the European road E-871 (from Kumanovo, Macedonia to Sofia), 12 km north of the second of the second class road 62, the European road E79 is about 18 km east of the village.

There is regular bus transportation to the town of Kyustendil.

In the village if Vaksevo there is town hall, community center, church, chapel, stores, historcal and etnographic museum, villas for village tourism.

In the village there is GP, medical center, as well as the nearest hospital is in the town of Kyustendil.

Tourist and cultural landmarks 

About 2 km north of the area Studenata voda, on the left bank of Eleshnitsa river are found remains from Prehistorical and Antique setllements. 2 km east of the village in the area, on both sides of the river Eleshnitsa Tekelska neighborhood in the area are also the remains of an ancient settlement. At 1.8 km. southwest of the village in the Ilinden or rocks are remnants of late antiquity fortress. Remains of medieval settlement were discovered in the Selishte area 4 km southwest of the village.

Vaksevo was once monastery village in proximity to the village of Skrino, the brith place of St Ivan Rilski. This is evidenced byconserved foundations and remains of several churches, such as "St. Petka", "St. Elias", "St. Sunday," "St. Archangel Michael".

There are also historical-ethnographic museum. It has a collection of over 700 exhibits opened in 1986 Another monument is that of dead soldiers in the wars 1912 1915 13d and 18d.

In the village is the river Vaksevo Eleshnitsa tributary of the Struma. The top can be fished trout and barbel, and the bottom is and maple. Attractions of the village is 300 years old oak - in "Tsrakvishteto."

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