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village of Vakarel

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Vakarel is a village in the municipality of Ihtiman, Sofia. 

It is 16 km northwest of Ihtiman, about 40 km southeast of Sofia and 20 km southeast of the town of Elin Pelin. 

The population is about 2000 people. 

It is situated in Ihtimanska Sredna gora mountain at an altitude of 800 m.  

Climatically, the area falls within the temperate continental climatic zone. It is characterized by relatively warm summers and cool winters. 
The village is well laid out and maintained infrastructure. There are water supply, electricity and communications networks, sewage is partially built. 
Here function Primary School Hristo Smirnenski, community center Zarya, kindergarten Sun Rays, medical and dental practices, town hall, community center, store. The nearest hospital is in the municipal center- Ihtiman. 
Convenient transportation to the settlements in the area. The village is an important transportation hub for railway Sofia - Plovdiv and the deviation of Mina Chukurovo. 
Next is the Trakia Highway. 


2 km south of the village is located Vakarel Monastery St. Petka. The monastery is relatively new. Founded in the 20th century and is now operating regularly. He was a nunnery. His temple festival is celebrated on October 14. A complex of church building. 
Natural resources are excellent for tourism. Developed international hunting tourism in Aramliets and Vitinya areas.
There are opportunities for rural tourism development and construction of facilities for recreation.
Ognianovo dam offers excellent conditions for water and motor sports.
In the settlement Ravno pole is built St. Sophia Golf Club & Spa - a world level, with a golf course designed by legendary golfer Paul McGinley, with modern design and breathtaking mountain view. 

The club is founded in 2004 and has a golf shop, instructors, and a modern spa to unwind after a tough competition. There is also a golf academy with instructors. 
Here almost every month are organized tournaments. Even in winter the activity is not fading - then hold long-awaited and exciting event of snow.

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