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Village of Turiya

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Turiya is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Pavel banya Municipality, Stara Zagora region.

The village is situated about 4 km southwest from the municipal center Pavel Banya, 26 km southwest from the town of Kazanlak, 55 km northwest from the town of Stara Zagora and 212 km southeast from the city of Sofia.

Turiya is located in a mountainous area in the valley of the River Touriyska, at an altitude of 475 meters. Summer is quite warm and winter is moderately cold.

The village is well developed - the streets are paved, there is coverage of all mobile operators. In Turiya there is a city hall, community center, an Orthodox church and kindergarten. The nearest medical centers and schools are located in the town of Pavel Banya.

Cultural and natural attractions

  •  In the village are being held some of the most colorful mummers carnival, which ends with a mass bathing in the icy river water.
  •  Turiya is known as the birthplace of the great Bulgarian writer Chudomir. Guests of the village can visit his native home, which has become a house-museum.
  •  Over the river there is a Roman bridge, which is well preserved and is usable.
  •  At "Goliyam Visok" (closest to the village peak of Sredna gora mountain) there are remains of a Roman fortress.
  •  One of the landmarks is called Kichest gabar - it is a very rare tree 700 years.
  •  Another landmark is the "Pirostiyata" area, which has 3 large upright stones and one lying on them as a trivet.
  •  For avid fishermen advantage is the close proximity of the dam Koprinka.

Touriyskite "old people" / Mummers / Sredna gora ancient forests and picturesque surroundings make the village a preferable place for living and recreation.

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