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village of Tulovo

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Tulovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in Maglizh Municipality, Stara Zagora Region

Tulovo is located in Predbalkanskata Valley 4 km south of Maglizh,  20 km north of the district town of Stara Zagora, 180 km west from the nearest port city of Burgas and 253 km east of Sofia.

Tulovo is an important way station on the lines Sofia - Burgas (sub-Balkan railway line) and Ruse - Podkova.

The altitude is 323 m and the population of the village is around 1372 inhabitants.

Tulovo is  known with the very hot days the cool nights in the summer. The Average temperature in January is between - 2 and 0, in July is about 24 degrees.

Soils are maroon-forest and flood and the area around the village is with various trees, there are also many wild animals.

The village has developed sheep and cow breeding.

Education and Sports

In Tulovo a primary school, community center and kindergarten. The school underwent major renovation in 2002 and tulovskite students learn in a beautiful and modern building. The village has its own football team, which meets on the stadium at the end of the village.


Some studies an ancient Celtic Tulovo capital. In IV-III century BC Celtic tribes descend from Central Europe to the Balkans and settled in lands conquered by them. Two brothers, kings and Brem Bolg based Celtic kingdom with its capital in Thrace occipital (Thule), today Tulovo, which lasted nearly 60 years. Numerous finds of Celtic Jewelry and military art have been found from this period. In Tulovo can be seen even today Bechaolu family, descendants of the Celtic Warriors.

Places of interest

Near the village has survived centuries-old oak forest - natural landmark  which in 2002 was categorized as a protected area with the name "Tulovska Koria". In the village center passes Tulovska River. It takes place on the outskirts of Tulovskiya Park, famous for its century-old specimens of weeping willow.

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