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village of Treklyano

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Treklyano is a village in western Bulgaria, the administrative center of the municipality Treklyano, Kyustendil region.

It is located in the geographical area Kraishte, near the border with Serbia, 39 km. south of Tran, 40 km. north of Kyustendil and 100 km. west of Sofia city.

It is situated in a mountainous area 15 km. of peak Milevets (1733 m) in Milevska mountain. It is a municipal center and the municipality includes 19 populated villages with and 4 depopulated. The area of ​​the municipality is 267.6 square kilometers.

The altitude is 790 m.

The population is about 285 people.

The climate is temperate-continental. Great altitude makes the climate in the region significantly colder than in the lower regions.

The valley in which the village is located is closed by high ridges, so that the warm currents of the Aegean sea is hardly felt. More is the influence from cold northwest winds and air currents. Treklyanska river that runs through the village, flows into the Struma River in the region of Zemen.

The village is served by a health center with a doctor and dentist. The city of Kyustendil is situated Hospital for Active Treatment Hospital "Dr Nikola Vasilev" - AD.

Treklyano is a well developed village - electricity and water. The streets are paved and mobile networks have coverage. As a community center in it are all public buildings and institutions - town hall, school, post office, library and municipal offices - Water and sewerage, Welfare, Land Commission and others.

Cultural and natural attractions

  • Old revival church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" /Assumption/ - located about 2 km. southeast of the town hall, in the cemetery at Todorova mahala neighborhood. Built in 1860 on the foundations of an old medieval church. It was painted by K. Guerov in 1888.
  • Art Gallery of artist Eftim Tomov - graphic painter and professor of the National Academy of Arts, with the best of his works.
  • Spring called "Vrelo" with cold water and an average annual rate 16 l./Sec. From this source is the village water supply.
  • Old oak tree - "imperial tree" in Todorovtsi mahala neighborhood - a place where they performed pagan and religious rituals.
  • Monument of Zinovi Doychinov - partisan killed as a volunteer in the Bulgarian army during the first phase of World War II.
  • Caves "Uchilishteto", "Tsrakveto" and "Yamata" in the southern part of the village - in Todorovtsi and a cave in the Stoykovtsi.


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