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Village of Trastenik

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Trastenik is a village in the Central part of Northern Bulgaria. It is situated in Ivanovo Municipality, Ruse region.

It stands about 28 km south-west from town of Ruse and 12 km in the same direction from village of Ivanovo. It is about 29 km north-east from town of Byala and 77 km north-west from town of Razgrad. On the north it neighbours the villages of Pirgovo and Mechka, on the west - villages of Ekzarh Yosif, on the south - town of Dve Mogili and on the east - village of Ivanovo and Koshov.
The population is one of the most numerous in the municipality - approximately 1 380 people.


Trastenik is a contemporary and well-developed village. It comprises a comprehensive school, a community centre with a museum collection, a kindergarten, a doctor, a dentist and a pharmacy. There is a post office, a lottery point, a stadium, a church, two mosques and a TV tower. Regular transportation links to town of Ruse and other parts of the region.
The main road E 85 passes near the village. The road is part of the European corridor No9 (Helsinki-Sanct Peterburk-Moscow/Pskov-Kiev-Bucharest-Ruse-Dimitrovgrad-Alexandropolis).


Agriculture, especially plant-growing is considered as a prior sector of the economics. Grain and industrial crops are usually produced in the area. The region is with traditions in the cultivating of vine sorts. Stock-breeding is with well-developed cattle-breeding and sheep-breeding. The settlement of the village is with nice conditions for developing bee-keeping. The lack of industrial enterprises is beneficial for bio production.


The village and the surroundings are suitable for informative, eco, rural, cultural, festive, hunting tourism, etc.
There are monuments for the Russian-Turkish liberating war. The building of the old town hall hosts a historical museum.
Each October a local fair takes places. 'Hristo Botev' community centre organizes a concert in the end of each summer.
Other places of interest that could be visited are the Ivanovo Rock Monasteries and Churches. There are many well-kept rock churches, self-contained cells and unique wall-paintings. There is transportation and asphalt access to this landmark. It could be reached by a blaze as well - for about 40 minutes.


Low-laying and flat lands characterize the relief of the area. It is of good advantage of the agriculture and the construction of the infrastructure. The village is set in the Eastern Danube plain.
The summer is hot and the winter is cold.
The most significant hydro resource is Danube River which is about 10 km away from the village.

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