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village of Tranchovitsa

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Tranchovitsa is a village in North Bulgaria. It is located in Levski municipality, Pleven region. 

It is 21 km northwest of the town of Levski, 13 km northeast of the town of Slavyanovo and 39 km in the same direction from the town of Pleven. The neighboring villages of Batsova mahala and Izgrev are 3 km north and 5 km southeast, while the village of Malchika is 14 km in the same direction. The capital Sofia is 204 km southwest.

It is located in the Danubian Plain on the bank of Osam river that surrounds it from three sides while its altitude is 97 m. The climate in the area is temperate and is characterized by hot summer and considerably cold winter.

The permanent population of the village is 680 people. They are mainly occupied in farming and stock breeding. Here works dairy that produces milk, white cheese and yellow cheese.

Tourism and landmarks

In the beginning of the XVII-th c. its population is embraced Catholicism. In the village there are two Catholic temples - one of them is the church "St Archangel Michael" that was finished in 1874.

Here are functioning town hall, community center, pensioner's club, stores and restaurant. For the health of the people in Tranchovitsa is taken care by one GP. School and indergarten you will find in the village of Malchika. The nearest hospital is at the town of Levski.

The community center is named after the famous Bulgarian actor Grigor Vachkov and in his honor every year are organized Festivals of the Humor and the Satire.

The football game is with long history - 70 years and today the football club Botev is preserving it.

Osam river offers great opportunities for relaxation in the nature and for fishing for in the river live catfish, carp and whitefish.

Gorgeous natural landmark is the Krushuna waterfalls in Maarata area (situated 40 km in southwest direction) and they are a must see.

Near the town of Belene is natural park Persina. It encompasses the 19 Belenski islands. It is unique and significant ecologically for here are located three biosphere reserves: 

  • "Persinski marshes" - wet zone with international significance that is inhabited by many colonies of marsh birds. It is breeding sight of the mute swan and unique gathering place in the autumn for the black stork. 
  • "Milka" and "Kitka" encompass the eponymous islands of the archipelago and include preserved floodplain forests from white willow and poplar. Here are nesting pairs of sea eagles very rare species included in the "Red Book of Bulgaria" and in the book "Endangered birds in Europe". 
  • protected area "Kaikusha" - remains of wet zone in the Svishtovsko-Belenskara low land.

Tourist attraction in proximity is Devetashkata cave - one of the largest and most impressive caves in the country. It is located on the bank of Osam river and about 50 km southwest of the village of Tranchovitsa.

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