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village of Tepava

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Tepava is a village in North Bulgaria. It is located in Lovech municipality, Lovech region.

It is 22 km east of the town of Lovech, 35 km north of the town of Sevlievo, 80 km west of the town of Veliko Tarnovo, 173 km east of the capital Sofia.

Its altitude is about 346 m. The climate is temperate. The summer days are cool. There passes Tepavka stream that is dry in the summer. In the village of Tepava there are constructed electricity and water systems. There is bus transportation twice a day to Lovech.

In the village of Tepava is between the Brestevo and Devetaki villages. It is the smallest in Devetashkoto plateau with population of about 80 people. Here are working town hall, two food stores and tourist information center. The nearest school, kindergarten and hospital are in the municipality Lovech. The nearest GP is practicing in the village of Brestovo - 7 km south of the village. The nearest dentist is 13 km south of the village of Kakrina.

The name of the village is derived from tepavitsa - which is instrument that operates with falling water and produces the wool from the sheep.
The gathering is the last Sunday of October.

Tourism and landmarks

It is interesting that the life endurance of the locals is much higher than the average for the country. According to the specialists this is due to the air composition that is very fresh and healthy.

In the area of Tepava is located the horizontal Dodatska cave and in the area Moasanka is located the cave Kanchova varpina with depth 136 m.

Just 10 km south of the village is Devetashkata cave.

In the village of Kakrina is one of the 100 Bulgarian Tourist Sites - Kakrinsko hanche.

About 30 km east of the Krushunskite waterfalls.

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