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village of Svetlen

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Svetlen is a village in North-east Bulgaria. It is in Popovo Municipality, District of Targovishte.

There is another settlement in Bulgaria with the same name, located in  Kirkovo Municipality, District of Kardjali.

It stands about 6 km south-east of the town of Popovo, about 30 km north-west of the town of Targovishte and about 315 km north-east of the capital of Sofia.
The routes Sofia-Varna and Ruse-Omurtag pass through the village. 3 km away from the village there is railway station on the  route Sofia-Varna.

The village of Svetlen is situated in opened fertile plain surrounded by hills, at an average altitude of 144 m.
Climate in the region is moderate continental, characterized by cold winters with blizzards causing drifts, early spring and hot, dry summers.

The population of Svetlen is about 1229 residents, which makes it one of the biggest villages in the Municipality of Popovo.
Infrastructure is settled with partly asphalted streets and lights, water-supply and sewerage systems, telephone lines and coverage of mobile operators.
There is a town house, several churches, post office, primary school, kindergarten, community center, shops and pharmacy at the disposal of village residents.

Medical services are provided by GP and dentist in the village health center. The closest high schools, as well as hospital are in the town of Popovo.


An interesting place to visit are the ruins of Thracian domed brick tomb dated from the end of the IV century BC, located in the village of Gagovo (less than 15 km northwest of Svetlen), near the road to the town of Opaka

Late Roman fortress " Kovachevsko Kale" is located 6 km west of the town of Popovo, near Popovo - Byala road now days.

A place for relaxation, combined with a sport fishing with tickets "Kavatsite Reservoir" located in the vicinity of the town of Popovo in direction  Targovishte. Among the forest of the dam beach there has been built a comfortable holiday complex of bungalows. On the other side of the dam there are hotel facilities, nearby hunting and shooting complex.

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