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village of Suhache

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Suhache is a village in North Bulgaria. It is situated in Cherven bryag municipality, Pleven region

It is 8 km northwest of the town of Cherven bryag and 66 km southwest of the town of Pleven. The capital Sofia is 132 km in the same direction while the neighboring village of Gornik is 5 km east. 

It is located in the Danubian plain and its altitude is about 190 m. The climate is temperate and characterized with cold winter and hot summer. 

The permanent population is 755 people. 

Suhache is well maintained - the main streets are asphalted and with lighting. There are constructed electricity and water systems. The mobile operators have coverage. Bus transportation connects it to the other settlements. 

Here are working town hall, community center, kindergarten, stores and restaurant. The nearest GP and dentist are in the neighboring village of Gornik. The nearest hospital is in the town of Cherven bryag. In it you will also find schools. 

Tourism and landmarks

The rivers Iskar and Vit offer great opportunities for water tourism, fishing, sun bathing, different kinds of relaxation in the nature. Iskar river south of the town of Cherven bryag still flows into canyon which is not as picturesque as the Iskae gorge but still is attractive touristic objects.

Suitable place for an excursion is the village of Reselets (14 km south). There could be seen natural formations, numerous caves and offers interesting tourist routes impressive river canyons. This is one of the few places in the country, where live scorpions.
The region has many groups of rock towers with a height of 20-30 m, which resemble different shapes. The most famous of them are Kuklite and Kupenite. High in the rocks near Rachene river can be seen formed rock window that together with the caves around it forms giant elephant-like rock formation. About a kilometer from the village is situated Propadaloto. Area that falls about 30 meters and is surrounded by vertical rocks. 


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