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Village of Strumyani

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Strumyani is a village in South-western Bulgaria. It is administrative centre of Strumyani Municipality, Blagoevgrad region.

The village is situated on the international road E-79. It is 51 km south from town of Blagoevgrad, 170 km in the same direction from Sofia city, 74 km south-west from Bansko ski resort, 13 km north from town of Sandanski and 23 km in the same direction from Kulata checkpoint.

The population is approximately 1000 people.

Strumyani spreads out the river valley of Struma, at the foot of Pirin Mountain. The sea altitude is 128 m.

The climate is typical transitional-Mediterranean. Spring comes early, summer is hot and dry, autumn is long and warm, and winter is mild. The average January temperature is 2.5 C and the average July temperature is about 24.3 C.

Strumyani is with important transport-geographic location. The shortest way from the capital to Republic of Greece passes through here - the first-classed international road E-79 (Kalafat-Vidin-Sofia-Kulata-Athens) and the railway line Sofia-Kulata-Athens.

The settlement was established in 1970 when Ograzdhen station and village of Mikrovo were merged. Later the village of Mikrevo was separated again.

Strumyani is with good infrastructure - it is provided with electricity, water, sewerage system, telephone and radio nets, coverage of the mobile operators and wireless Internet connection. There is a municipal centre, a comprehensive school, a kindergarten, a community centre, health services (doctor and dentist), pharmacy, several bank offices, a post office, two hotels and shops. Regular bus and railway transportation.

There are several operational bakeries, tailoring workshops and companies in the sphere of marble extraction and processing.

The main cultivated lands are set along Struma River. The population grows tobacco and all vegetable and fruit known in Bulgaria. Sheep-breeding is also well-developed.

Landmarks and tourism

Village of Strumyani is set at the foot of Pirin Mountain, at the valley of Struma River. The river bristles with different kinds of fish and is the perfect place for fish-lovers (mountain barbel, common nase, perch, carp, wels catfish and crawfish).

Pirin Mountain is with excellent conditions for walks, picnics, picking wild fruit, speleological expeditions, mountaineering, etc. Pirin National Park fascinates with century-old forests, high mountain tops, beautiful edelweisses and fresh lakes and rivers.

The unique Sculpture park in village of Ilindentsi (4 km away) was created by Art foundation on the initiative of the sculptor Ivan Rusev. The park occupies more than 10 000 sq. m of land. The works of art of various Bulgarian and foreign authors are displayed there. Impressive is the nigh illumination on the several works of art, the sculpture elements and the Information centre.

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