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village of Stambolovo

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Stambolovo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is an administrative center of Stambolovo municipality, Haskovo region.

There are three more villages with the same name in Bulgaria: in Ruse region, in Sofia region and in Veliko Tarnovo region.

It is situated 22 km southeast of Haskovo and about 85 km west of Svilengrad and the Bulgarian-Turkey border.

The terrain is truncated and hilly. On the territory of Stambolovo municipality there are more than 80 dams. Along the Arda River are the most fertile farmland.

The altitude is about 315 m.

The climate is temperate continental. Winters are relatively mild with minimum temperatures from 0 to minus 5-7 degrees, and summerс are sunny and hot, with maximum temperatures that reach 35-37 degrees.

The population is about 660 people.

The village is with well developed infrastructure. Recent years have been built and renovated roads and road segments; water supply network is newly restored.

The education system in the municipality covers 5 schools (1 secondary, 3 primary and 1 elementary schools). In Stambolovo function "Hristo Botev 1926" community center and "St. Kliment Ohridski" secondary school. The municipality also operate nine community centers.

The municipality has one kindergarten - kindergarten "Zvezdichka" with eleven branches in the neighboring villages. The buildings of kindergartens are very modernized and updated.

There is one medical center for the entire population of the municipality. Specialized hospital care is in the hospital in Haskovo.

Regular bus lines pass through the municipality. Besides village roads lines there are also links with major cities like Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Stara Zagora and others.

The village has its own football team in the South 'B' football group, named "Stambolovo 2007". The stadium has 200 seats.


The Stambolovo region is crossed by the river Arda which is a border river between Turkey and Greece.  The river banks offer excellent spots for eco-tourism, fish-farming, angling and water sports. The river valley is extremely suitable as a place for the preservation of rare and protected reptile and amphibian species.

The "Studen kladenetz" dam and the river Arda with the nearby protected zone "Golemia Sipey" offer suitable habitats  for various birds. This zone is under the protection of NATURA 2000 ans an ornithological site of world importance.

The famous Thracian megalith monument "Cromlech", the protected zone "Oreshari", the volcanic rock formations, the Thracian thomb in village of Pchelari and many others sites are good basis for the development of the tourism.

The newly built in Dolno Cherkovishte two hotels, refurbished motel "Gledka", family hotel in Stambolovo, tourist cabin in village of Tanovo, the hunting lodge in Dolno Botevo and villa "Tokmak" provide beds for more than 140 people in very good conditions.



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