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village of Stambolovo

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Stambolovo is a village in West Bulgaria. It is situated in Ihtiman municipality, Sofia region

In Bulgaria there are three other settlements with the same name - in Pavlikeni municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region, in Slivo pole municipality, Ruse region and in Stambolovo municipality, Haskovo region

It is 6 km south of the town of Ihtiman and 59 km southeast from the capital Sofia. The town of Kostenets is 18 km southeast, the town of Momin prohod and the village of Pchelin are 15 km in the same direction and 22 km south. 

It is situated in mountain area, and its altitude is 677 m. The climate is temperate and the months with lowest average temperatures are January and February and with highest are July and August. In the spring and the fall there are often sudden decreases in the temperature. The altitude is 658 m. 

The permanent population is about 507 people. 

Bus and railway transportation connects it to the other settlements. The main streets are asphalted and with lightning. There are constructed water and electricity systems. All mobile operators have coverage. 

Here are functioning town hall, community center, stores and restaurant. Specialized medical assistance you can get at the hospital in the town of Ihtiman where are also working high schools. 

Tourism and landmarks


Golf club "ER Sofia" is situated near Trakiya highway at the suburbs of Ihtiman. The golf course is the first in Bulgaria. In addition to the gold course there are football, basketball and volleyball playgrounds as well as tennis courts, swimming pool etc. The amenities include many coffee shops, restaurants and villas for guests. The golf club was founded according to the international standards. 

Iskar dam is also suitable destination for the weekends for people can go fishing - they can catch catfish, pike, trout, carp and perch or to go and rent a boat, pedal boat or jet.

Spa resorts "Villas Kostenets" (Kostenets Bath), Pchelinski bani and the village of Kostenets situated near the town of Kostenets are particularly suitable for medical tourism. Especially beautiful is the Kostenski waterfall, which is a wonderful place for hiking.

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