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village of Stalevo

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Stalevo is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is part of Dimitrovgrad municipality, Haskovo region.

It is situated between several hills and two rivers, 15 km east from Parvomay, 20 km northwest from town of Dimitrovgrad, 25 km northwest from town of Haskovo and 60 km east from town of Plovdiv.

Its altitude is 168 m.

The territory is characterized by Mediterranean-like climate. Summer is dry and hot, and winters are mild.

Population is about 450 people.

The village is developed and has maintained infrastructure. There are electricity, water and communications networks. The main streets are asphalted and lighted.

Stalevo has town hall, health service, shopping center, bistro, food shop, cafe, two shops, community center "Vassil Levski", post office and own pump station for drinking water.

The village has a railway station on the line Svilengrad-Plovdiv-Sofia. There is bus service to neighboring villages.

Cultural and natural landmarks

In 1897 was built the church "St. Archangel Michael". The temple is one of the largest in the municipality of Dimitrovgrad and there are two icons of the late 19th century.

The historic area Hasara consists of two hills - the Big Hasar and the Small Hasar. On the big one there are medieval fortress and a Thracian sanctuary, as well as "Sv.40 Machenitsi" chapel.

Kralimarkova step is situated again in Hasara, about 50 meters from the sanctuary. It is a large stone with a recessed hole like a pot that has water all year round. Even in the largest heat it does not dries it and the people who visit this place, take a little from it, because they believe the water is healing.

20 km southeast of the village in Kasnakovo, you can view the Thracian sanctuary of the Nymphs - ruins of religious buildings dating back to the II century, inn from III century, amphitheater of IV fourth century and architecturally designed three springs with pools located on an ellipse.

30 km south is the village of Mineralni Bani - a resort with hot springs and exceptional healing properties of water.


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