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village of Sopot

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Sopot is a village in Ugarchin municipality, Lovech region.  


In Bulgaria there is another settlement with the name of Sopot - town of Sopot, Plovdiv district. 


It is situated 15 km south of Ugarchin, 40 km south-west of Lovech, 40 km north-west of Troyan and approximately 120 km north-east of Sofia. Hemus highway, which connects the capital with the city of Varna is located 3 km north of the village. 


Sopot is located at the foot of the mountain on the border with Vasilyovska mountain. Sopot river passes through the village. 
The climate is characterized by mild but snowy winters and cool summers. 
The population numbers about 200 people. 


Sopot has a well developed infrastructure. Electricity and water supply systems are fully developed, there is sewerage. Mobile operators have coverage, has an Internet connection. It comprises with grocery stores, several restaurants, internet club, school, post office and community center. Regular transport links it with Lovech and Teteven. 


Tourism and landmarks: 


The region offers excellent conditions for fishing tourism - about 10 km away is Sopot dam. It is fourth largest one in the country. There is a restaurant, where just caught fish is offered, and several bungalows near the water. 
Cave "Toplya" is a landmark, which were discovered artifacts from the IV-III millennium BC 
In the village of Golyama Zhelyazna, located about 25 km from Sopot, tourist can visit the church Sv.Vseh Vsyatih, which has 150 years history and annual Household evening. 
Nearby are the unique Saeva dupka cave, Glozhene Monastery, Troyan Monastery and the place of death of George Benkovski. 


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