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village of Sofronievo

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Sofronievo is a village in northwestern Bulgaria. It is located in the Miziya municipality, Vratsa District.

There are about 24 km southeast to the town of Kozloduy, 22 km southwest to Oryahovo, 13 km to Miziya in the same direction, about 60 km northeast to Vratsa and approximately 170 km to Sofia in the same direction.

The terrain is flat and slightly hilly with an average altitude of 112 m. Climate is temperate continental with cold and snowy winters and hot summers.

The village has electricity, water, mobile coverage, cable TV and Internet. Transport links are excellent - bus lines connect the settlement with the cities of Kozloduy, Vratza and Sofia.

Sofronievo is a big and well developed village with population of about 1400 people. There is a town hall, a church, a library, an elementary school, a kindergarten, a football stadium, shops and cafes.

Health care of the population is achieved by a general practitioner. The town of Miziya has a dentist and specialized medical assistance can be obtained in the medical centers of Vratza or Kozloduy.

The name of the village was Sarbenitsa till 1934, then it was changed to Sofronievo.


Landmarks and tourism

Sofronievo is located in an area with good opportunities for rural tourism. Near the village flows Ogosta river and 7-8 lakes are formed by the old river bed. There are excellent conditions for fishing.

The village is famous for its folk customs and rites which are being recreated during the local fair at the end of August.

The region of Sofronievo has a rich history and numbers of historical monuments. You can visit:

  • The Medieval basilica of "St. Nikola" in the village which a monument of culture. The construction began at the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and lasted until the XIXth century.
  • The National archaeological reserve of "Augusta" is located in Kaleto area of ​​about 17 km northeast. The reserve was declared a cultural monument. The earliest remains date back to the late Bronze Age, and the first settlement was at the time of the Thracians.
  • National History Museum of Kozloduy - branch "Radetzky steamer". The ship museum was renovated in 2012 It is the only floating museum in the Balkans.

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