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Smin village

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Smin is a village in North-Eastern Bulgaria, part of Shabla municipality, Dobrich region. It is located 52 km to the north-east from the regional center - Dobrich, 18 km to the north-west from the town of Shabla, 98 kim from the city of Varna and its international airport, 5 km away from the sea-coast and 9 km away from the border to Romania.

general information

The population of Smin village is approximately 90 people. The relief is flat. The climate is temperate-continental and is characterized by a mild winter and a warm summer. Altitude - 65 m.


In the village there is a food shop and a small cafe. The infrastructure is very well organized. The village is supplied with water and electricity on a regular basis and the roads are in a good condition. Full coverage of all mobile operators is available in the village. Regular public transportation /three times a day/ connects the village to the town of Shabla and the nearby villages.
Smin is a small yet beautiful village from which a magnificent view to the sea is revealed. Nearby are located some of the most clean and less visited beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.


  • Durankulak Lake - it lies in north-eastern most part of Bulgaria, some 6 km away from the border to Romania and 15 km away from the town of Shabla. Being the natural habitat of many bird species of world significance the lake is included in the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands list. The entire territory is included in the BirdLife International list which includes places in Europe of ornithological significance.
  • Shabla Lake protected area - the total area of the area is 5 312.4 decars and it is located some 18 km away from the border to Romania and 3-5 km away from the town of Shabla. Shabla Lake is a natural habitat of over 20 species of fish, 7 of which are being declared endangered nation-wide. The salty lake is famous for its curable mud and rare bird species.
  • Yaylata area is located nearby, too. It is famous for the prehistoric rock dwellings and an ancient Thracian necropolis.
  • The village of Tylenovo attracts with its unique coast-line and caves, clear air, transparent sea water and indescribable nature. The red-coloured, steep coast descends  as low as 20-30 m to the sea. The rocky coast north and south of the village along with the steppe and marine foliage are part of the European ecologically clean riches - NATURA 2000. Tyulenovo is untouched by the modern civilization, yet beautiful and untamed. it is suitable for fishing, climbing and scuba diving. the coast-line offers wonderful sites for people who like camping - tents may be set right there, on the rocks.

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