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Village of Slavyani

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Slavyani is situated in Lovech municipality, region of Lovech in Central North Bulgaria. 

Village of Slavyani is located about 10 km north-west from Lovech city, some 20 km south from Pleven city and 160 km south-west from the capital Sofia city. The highway Sofia-Varna passes about 22 km away from the village, the main road Lovech-Pleven goes about 2 km away. 

The population of Slavyani calculates about 780 people.
The climate characterizes with mostly hot summer and cold winter. 
There are two food shops, a restaurant, school, library, kindergarten and a church in the village. A garden with fountain - named Stone flower and a fountain were built in 2003. Almost all streets in the village are asphalt-paved. 
There are electricity and water supply, but no sewerage in Slavyani. Cable TV and coverage of mobile operators are available. 
There are five micro dam lakes near the village - this provides an opportunity for developing of fishing tourism.


Landmarks in the region and opportunities for tourism:

There are no places for accommodation of tourists in the village. They can put up in Lovech - the city offers variety of choices for accommodation in hotels or family houses. 

The following landmarks are near the village:

The museum of Ethnography "Lovech" in Lovech city- here can be seen expositions for the Bulgarian way of life during XIX and XX centuries. 
Vasil Levski Museum, Lovech city- one of the most visited places because here can be found the biggest collection of personal belongings of the Apostole of Freedom. 
The inn of Kakrina - it is located about 30 km west from Slavyani - in Kakrina village. The place is well-known because the national hero Vasil Levski was catched. 
Varosha quarter, Lovech city-historical and architectural reserve which kept houses with typical Bulgarian style. and
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